Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday

Hey friends, today i would like to tell you about my last holiday. Mostly, i spend my holiday by staying at home. Usually i play games and play basketball in my spare time. I played games for about 6 hours a day, usually i played FIFA Online 3, Team Fortress 2, FIFA 15 with my father, and NBA 2k16 with my brother. Once, my computer got an error in the power supply, i can't played it for 3 days, so i spent my spare time by playing Pokemon in my cellphone until the game is finished and i got all of the legendary pokemon.

On 29th December, my brother and i decided to go to Jakarta for 5 days, i went there by travel, luckily the traffic is not as bad as i imagined before, we arrived there at 7 pm, its about 4 hours of driving time. In Jakarta we stayed at my aunt apartment, i forgot the name of it but it is located beside Central Park Jakarta. Because we were tired that time,we didn't go anywhere, then i decided to watch WWE in TV with my brother.

In the next day, the weather was very hot, so i went to swimming pool in the ground floor, i swam for 1 hour, after that i went back to my room and take a nap. After my brother and I wake up, we went to Mall Taman Anggrek for cinema, we watched Ip-Man 3 that time, it was a very good movie. After we watched, we straightly went back to the apartment.

I really enjoy my stay at the apartment, but still, i spend my time by playing games in my laptop, just like WWE 2k15 and NBA 2k16. Beside playing games, i also like watching WWE and UFC, oh and i like playing Tekken very much, i played as Dragunov until the rank reach Vindicator, i played it until my thumb hurts (fyi i played it in my PSP). We went to Central Park at night for some dinner. It was a struggle to find a restaurant with an empty seat because it is h-1 new year, but finally i can eat at burger king.