Selasa, 04 Agustus 2015

Its Me ....

Hello friends, first of all i would like to introduce myself, my name is Muhammad Fikri Zharfan, you can call me Fikri, i was born in 5 June 2000, its mean im 15 years old now. I lived in Jl. Solontongan 2 No. 7, my hobbies are playing basketball, playing games, and watching sports. In the future, i want to be a doctor because i want to make money and help each other at the same time, so i hope i can reach that dream by continuing my study to FK UNPAD or FK UI, i know its hard but with struggles and prayers, nothing is impossible. I also have an interest in working for oil and mining company, its mean i also have an interest to go to FTTM ITB.

I would like to introduce my friend, his name is Muhammad Naufal Permana, usually i call him Naufal. He was born in 6 February 2000, its mean he is 15 years old, same as me. He lived in Jl. Gunung Batu No. 20, His hobbies is listening musics and doing some sports. He said he want to be a businessman in property company one dat. He has a unique thing, he has a thick moustache. He is a die hard Manchester United Football Club fan, same as me. His favorite color is blue because its a symbol of calm and peace. His favorite food is liwet, and his favorite drink is juice.

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