Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

Complimenting Dialog

Fikri        : Hi

Stephan    : Hi

Fikri         : Last night I saw you were playing basketball at Staples Center, Los Angeles

Stephan : Really, how could you saw me?

Fikri        : Yeah, i've been waiting for my coach when you were playing. you've got plenty of skill                        thought.

Stephan  : Oh thank's, you're such a good guy. I heard that you became the MVP on NBA Junior Last                  Year. What a great basketball athlete you are.

Fikri       : Thank's, it's very nice for you to say that.

Stephan  : Would you like to train with me some time?

Fikri       : I really want to but I can't, because i have to attempt a training camp for Indonesian                              National Team.

Stephan  : Oohh, that's fine. By the way do you like the new LeBron 12 ?

Fikri       : Wow LeBron 12, what a woderful shoes it is. I 've planned to buy that shoes next month.

Stephan  : I'm sorry , but i've got to go now, see you later.

Fikri       : Ok, bye, take care.

Minggu, 23 Agustus 2015

My New Friend

Hello friends, its me again, today i want to share my experience. In July 27th im officially a 3 senior high school students, in the first week, i had to face the school orientation period or usually called MOPD. In July 28th, there was an announcement that i go to X-7, then when i checked the student list, there was none of my close friend from my previous school (5 junior high school) !! I surprised because there was a lot of my close friend that went to 3 senior high school, but there was none of them in my class. So i have no choice, i have to search for a friend then.

When i first came into the classroom, i feel very very awkward, there was none of my close friend. My first friend in X-7 is Naufal Permana, i usually call him naufal, he is from 1 junior high school.

This is me with him
My first thought when i look at him was he is a funny guy, because his face is like a comedian hahaha, my thought is right, he is a funny and silly guy :)). He was born in 6 February 2000, therefore he is 15 years old, same as me. He lived in Jl. Gunung Batu no. 20, i don't know where it was >_< but i guess its somewhere in west part of Bandung, near Cimahi i think. He said his hobby were listening musics and doing some sports, i like listening musics also, but maybe our music taste is different, he likes indonesian music, but i like western musics. He also said that he liked sports, especially football and badminton, he wanted to join Belitung Muda (football extracurricular in 3 senior high school) and Badminton Club (badminton extracurricular in 3 senior high school). 

Once i played football with him in Lapbal (Lapangan Bali), he is very skillful in playing football, he is very quick and agile when dribble the ball, and very powerful and accurate when shoot the ball. In class, i don't know yet that he is clever or not, but i guess he is clever, because his final examination score was good, he is a sleepy person in the class, especially when we learn history or indonesian. Once i ask him why he is sleepy, he said usually he slept at 2 am !! Oh i forgot one thing, he likes watching football too, he support Manchester United, he is a die hard fan, same as me.

He told me that he want to be a businessman in a property company one day, i guess he want to continue his study to SBM ITB. He said that he likes liwet and juice, i don't know the reason why helikes liwet, for me the taste of liwet feels weird in my mouth, maybe its only a matter of taste. His favorite color is blue, because he said that blue is the symbol of calm and peace, really?

In my opinion he has 3 unique things, the first is his hair, his hair looked like Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle but a little bit curly just like a broccoli, hahaha sorry just kidding. Second, he has a thick mustache, he looked like older than us. Third, he had a unique voice, his voice is similar to a gentlemen with a broken vocal cords hahaha.

Selasa, 04 Agustus 2015

Its Me ....

Hello friends, first of all i would like to introduce myself, my name is Muhammad Fikri Zharfan, you can call me Fikri, i was born in 5 June 2000, its mean im 15 years old now. I lived in Jl. Solontongan 2 No. 7, my hobbies are playing basketball, playing games, and watching sports. In the future, i want to be a doctor because i want to make money and help each other at the same time, so i hope i can reach that dream by continuing my study to FK UNPAD or FK UI, i know its hard but with struggles and prayers, nothing is impossible. I also have an interest in working for oil and mining company, its mean i also have an interest to go to FTTM ITB.

I would like to introduce my friend, his name is Muhammad Naufal Permana, usually i call him Naufal. He was born in 6 February 2000, its mean he is 15 years old, same as me. He lived in Jl. Gunung Batu No. 20, His hobbies is listening musics and doing some sports. He said he want to be a businessman in property company one dat. He has a unique thing, he has a thick moustache. He is a die hard Manchester United Football Club fan, same as me. His favorite color is blue because its a symbol of calm and peace. His favorite food is liwet, and his favorite drink is juice.