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Hello Everyone !!! Now i want to share my experience in Gamarvani !! its a cultural festival in my lovely school, 3 senior high school, want to know more ?? check it out !!

The poster of Gamarvani

As we known, Gamarvani is a cultural festival held by 3 senior high school, so, Gamarvani is not a bazaar or something like that. Gamarvani is similar like last year cultural festival in 3 senior high school, Matswapati. There is a lot of similarity between Gamarvani and Matswapati, just like concept, decoration, purpose, and many more.
Gamarvani name is taken from a folktale from west java, Gama means journey and Parvani means to the moon, so Gamarvani means journey to the moon, i dont know the full story of it, if you curious you can read it in this website .
Gamarvani Stage

My first though in Gamarvani is like "Its good, but not fantastic" why i am saying that ? because in my opinion, the decoration didnt look "Catchy" compared to last year. The stage also nice, but the main thing that made me a little disappointed is the LCD Monitor encountered an error for about 6 hours, its horrible i think.
Mr. Encang doing the opening of Gamarvani

When i looked around me, there are many food stands, with a variative choice, from traditional to modern, sweet to spicy, cold to hot, all of them were there !! there are about 20 to 30 food stands i think. But unfortunately i didnt bring a lot of money so i didnt buy too much, but thats alright because im on my diet that time hahahaha :)))

Yummy !! Food Stands !!
Unique Food Trucks !!

Besides of food, my favorite is when met up with old friends from elementary school and junior high school, once i met my friends in elementary school that was ugly and fat in elementary school, but now he is handsome and bring his girlfriend too !! its such a funny moment that time. I also met my fellow friends in 3 senior high school, check it out !!

Me with my fellow friends, from left : Stephan, Axel, Me, Atalla, and Naufal

Axel as Pumpkinhead :))
Besides of that, there were also a traditional game, or usually called "Kaulinan Barudak" there were a lot of traditional game, there were about 6 game, just like engklek,egrang,gatrix,congklak,sapitrong, and boyboyan. What made this game interesting was when you won, you can got a free Ancol ticket or Trans Studio Bandung ticket. Yippie !!!


I forgot the name of this traditional game,but is very fun !!

For a long long time, the time has come for the top of the event !! time showed up about 5 PM, before Adera perform, there was a cabaret perfomance by Tiloe's Theater thecabaret is very very funny :)) the performers wear a silly costume and make up, so did the acts. The cabaret told a story about Nyai Anteh.
Cabaret by Tiloe's Theater
I looked at my watch, its 7 PM, the stage lighting looked very good in the dark !! In short time, ADERA PERFORM!! Its an awesome moment because Adera performs very cool, he played a lot of love songs that made us"BAPER" hahaha :)) I liked when he perform "Stay With Me" from Sam Smith, its very deep:))
Adera performance that made us "BAPER"
And finally the time has come, HiVi! PERFORM!! its one of my favourite band in indonesia, the band sang about 5 songs that was very awesome, my favourite moment is when the band sang "Siapkah Kau Tuk Jatuh Cinta ?" the crowds cheering very very loud, i loved the hype. When HiVi! sang the last song, the crowd cheers very loud and BOOM !! the fireworks launched to the air !! it was awesome.

HiVi! performed "Orang ke-3"
Boom !!! Fireworks !!!
Woooo !! I looked at my watch, time showed up its 10 PM, my body was so tired but i cant feel it because im very happy, so, with my a smile on my faces i search my brother to go home. I admit that i am wrong on my first though on Gamarvani, because the event was very awesome !! Thanks a lot GAMARVANI !!

nb : my worst moment is when my precious comb was deprived by security :(( oh no:((

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