Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

Complimenting Dialog

Fikri        : Hi

Stephan    : Hi

Fikri         : Last night I saw you were playing basketball at Staples Center, Los Angeles

Stephan : Really, how could you saw me?

Fikri        : Yeah, i've been waiting for my coach when you were playing. you've got plenty of skill                        thought.

Stephan  : Oh thank's, you're such a good guy. I heard that you became the MVP on NBA Junior Last                  Year. What a great basketball athlete you are.

Fikri       : Thank's, it's very nice for you to say that.

Stephan  : Would you like to train with me some time?

Fikri       : I really want to but I can't, because i have to attempt a training camp for Indonesian                              National Team.

Stephan  : Oohh, that's fine. By the way do you like the new LeBron 12 ?

Fikri       : Wow LeBron 12, what a woderful shoes it is. I 've planned to buy that shoes next month.

Stephan  : I'm sorry , but i've got to go now, see you later.

Fikri       : Ok, bye, take care.

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