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Song Review : Fix You by Coldplay

Whats up guys ? today i want to tell you about one of my favorite song......

Yeahhh, its Fix You !!!

          This song originally released in 2005, by a famous british alternative rock band, Coldplay. this song is written by all member of the band, Chris Martin, Will Champion, Guy Berryman, and Jonny Buckland, this is second singles in their album that time, the X&Y, this song was very famous that time, as i know from Wikipedia sites, The track peaked at number four in the UK Singles Chart on 17 September 2005. As of 30 July 2011, the song had spent 122 weeks on that chart. It peaked at number 59 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 18 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks. The song also charted on the Billboard Pop 100 and Hot Digital Songs. The single appeared in Australia's Singles Chart in the number four position on 18 September 2005, after retiring in the 58 spot. It also appeared at number eight on the Irish Singles Chart and spent seven consecutive weeks on the chart. On 14 November 2010, the song re-entered the Australian singles chart at number 37. Here is the lyrics

"Fix You"

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face and I
Tears stream down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face and I

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
The first impression hearing this song? ohhhhhh it is very emotional and deep, i think it tell us about a relationship that is not going too well, struggling i can say, and hoping for a way to fix it (relationship). As far as i know, this song was inspired after the father of Chris Martin wife, Gwyneth Paltrow died, maybe this song is directed to her i think.

The first verse tell us about the frustation because he/she failed to fix the relationship, then he/she want to forget it but it is impossible because the relationship is very meaningful, so he/she frustatingly cried because he/she regret the mistake that cause the relationship messed up.

The second/fourth/sixth (reff) verse tell us about that he/she try to fix the relationship, and hoping that their beloved ones can forgive him/her.

The third verse tell us about the reason why he/she want to stick up with the relationship, and the only way to fix it is by trying, because he/she won't know the result before trying.

The fifth verse tell us about the frustation because he/she can't fix the relationship, and the only thing that he/she could do is by promise that he/she won't repeat the mistake again.

I conclude that this song is very incredible song, the voice, instrumentals, lyrics, and the moral value is all-packed. We could feel the struggle and frustation that the writer made in this songs, it is just a masterpiece, well done, Coldplay!!

Song Titles : Fix You
Artist          : Coldplay
Albums      : X&Y
Years          : 2005
Writers       : Chris Martin, Will Champion, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland
Moral Value: We should keep our relationship with beloved ones carefully, don't make any silly mistake that causing our relationship break up, because regrets always come last, nobody know if he/she is the one that can't be replaced by anything, if it happens, just don't let go, keep trying to fix it, because you will never know the results before you tried.

Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday

Hey friends, today i would like to tell you about my last holiday. Mostly, i spend my holiday by staying at home. Usually i play games and play basketball in my spare time. I played games for about 6 hours a day, usually i played FIFA Online 3, Team Fortress 2, FIFA 15 with my father, and NBA 2k16 with my brother. Once, my computer got an error in the power supply, i can't played it for 3 days, so i spent my spare time by playing Pokemon in my cellphone until the game is finished and i got all of the legendary pokemon.

On 29th December, my brother and i decided to go to Jakarta for 5 days, i went there by travel, luckily the traffic is not as bad as i imagined before, we arrived there at 7 pm, its about 4 hours of driving time. In Jakarta we stayed at my aunt apartment, i forgot the name of it but it is located beside Central Park Jakarta. Because we were tired that time,we didn't go anywhere, then i decided to watch WWE in TV with my brother.

In the next day, the weather was very hot, so i went to swimming pool in the ground floor, i swam for 1 hour, after that i went back to my room and take a nap. After my brother and I wake up, we went to Mall Taman Anggrek for cinema, we watched Ip-Man 3 that time, it was a very good movie. After we watched, we straightly went back to the apartment.

I really enjoy my stay at the apartment, but still, i spend my time by playing games in my laptop, just like WWE 2k15 and NBA 2k16. Beside playing games, i also like watching WWE and UFC, oh and i like playing Tekken very much, i played as Dragunov until the rank reach Vindicator, i played it until my thumb hurts (fyi i played it in my PSP). We went to Central Park at night for some dinner. It was a struggle to find a restaurant with an empty seat because it is h-1 new year, but finally i can eat at burger king.

Jumat, 25 September 2015


Hello Everyone !!! Now i want to share my experience in Gamarvani !! its a cultural festival in my lovely school, 3 senior high school, want to know more ?? check it out !!

The poster of Gamarvani

As we known, Gamarvani is a cultural festival held by 3 senior high school, so, Gamarvani is not a bazaar or something like that. Gamarvani is similar like last year cultural festival in 3 senior high school, Matswapati. There is a lot of similarity between Gamarvani and Matswapati, just like concept, decoration, purpose, and many more.
Gamarvani name is taken from a folktale from west java, Gama means journey and Parvani means to the moon, so Gamarvani means journey to the moon, i dont know the full story of it, if you curious you can read it in this website .
Gamarvani Stage

My first though in Gamarvani is like "Its good, but not fantastic" why i am saying that ? because in my opinion, the decoration didnt look "Catchy" compared to last year. The stage also nice, but the main thing that made me a little disappointed is the LCD Monitor encountered an error for about 6 hours, its horrible i think.
Mr. Encang doing the opening of Gamarvani

When i looked around me, there are many food stands, with a variative choice, from traditional to modern, sweet to spicy, cold to hot, all of them were there !! there are about 20 to 30 food stands i think. But unfortunately i didnt bring a lot of money so i didnt buy too much, but thats alright because im on my diet that time hahahaha :)))

Yummy !! Food Stands !!
Unique Food Trucks !!

Besides of food, my favorite is when met up with old friends from elementary school and junior high school, once i met my friends in elementary school that was ugly and fat in elementary school, but now he is handsome and bring his girlfriend too !! its such a funny moment that time. I also met my fellow friends in 3 senior high school, check it out !!

Me with my fellow friends, from left : Stephan, Axel, Me, Atalla, and Naufal

Axel as Pumpkinhead :))
Besides of that, there were also a traditional game, or usually called "Kaulinan Barudak" there were a lot of traditional game, there were about 6 game, just like engklek,egrang,gatrix,congklak,sapitrong, and boyboyan. What made this game interesting was when you won, you can got a free Ancol ticket or Trans Studio Bandung ticket. Yippie !!!


I forgot the name of this traditional game,but is very fun !!

For a long long time, the time has come for the top of the event !! time showed up about 5 PM, before Adera perform, there was a cabaret perfomance by Tiloe's Theater thecabaret is very very funny :)) the performers wear a silly costume and make up, so did the acts. The cabaret told a story about Nyai Anteh.
Cabaret by Tiloe's Theater
I looked at my watch, its 7 PM, the stage lighting looked very good in the dark !! In short time, ADERA PERFORM!! Its an awesome moment because Adera performs very cool, he played a lot of love songs that made us"BAPER" hahaha :)) I liked when he perform "Stay With Me" from Sam Smith, its very deep:))
Adera performance that made us "BAPER"
And finally the time has come, HiVi! PERFORM!! its one of my favourite band in indonesia, the band sang about 5 songs that was very awesome, my favourite moment is when the band sang "Siapkah Kau Tuk Jatuh Cinta ?" the crowds cheering very very loud, i loved the hype. When HiVi! sang the last song, the crowd cheers very loud and BOOM !! the fireworks launched to the air !! it was awesome.

HiVi! performed "Orang ke-3"
Boom !!! Fireworks !!!
Woooo !! I looked at my watch, time showed up its 10 PM, my body was so tired but i cant feel it because im very happy, so, with my a smile on my faces i search my brother to go home. I admit that i am wrong on my first though on Gamarvani, because the event was very awesome !! Thanks a lot GAMARVANI !!

nb : my worst moment is when my precious comb was deprived by security :(( oh no:((

Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

Complimenting Dialog

Fikri        : Hi

Stephan    : Hi

Fikri         : Last night I saw you were playing basketball at Staples Center, Los Angeles

Stephan : Really, how could you saw me?

Fikri        : Yeah, i've been waiting for my coach when you were playing. you've got plenty of skill                        thought.

Stephan  : Oh thank's, you're such a good guy. I heard that you became the MVP on NBA Junior Last                  Year. What a great basketball athlete you are.

Fikri       : Thank's, it's very nice for you to say that.

Stephan  : Would you like to train with me some time?

Fikri       : I really want to but I can't, because i have to attempt a training camp for Indonesian                              National Team.

Stephan  : Oohh, that's fine. By the way do you like the new LeBron 12 ?

Fikri       : Wow LeBron 12, what a woderful shoes it is. I 've planned to buy that shoes next month.

Stephan  : I'm sorry , but i've got to go now, see you later.

Fikri       : Ok, bye, take care.

Minggu, 23 Agustus 2015

My New Friend

Hello friends, its me again, today i want to share my experience. In July 27th im officially a 3 senior high school students, in the first week, i had to face the school orientation period or usually called MOPD. In July 28th, there was an announcement that i go to X-7, then when i checked the student list, there was none of my close friend from my previous school (5 junior high school) !! I surprised because there was a lot of my close friend that went to 3 senior high school, but there was none of them in my class. So i have no choice, i have to search for a friend then.

When i first came into the classroom, i feel very very awkward, there was none of my close friend. My first friend in X-7 is Naufal Permana, i usually call him naufal, he is from 1 junior high school.

This is me with him
My first thought when i look at him was he is a funny guy, because his face is like a comedian hahaha, my thought is right, he is a funny and silly guy :)). He was born in 6 February 2000, therefore he is 15 years old, same as me. He lived in Jl. Gunung Batu no. 20, i don't know where it was >_< but i guess its somewhere in west part of Bandung, near Cimahi i think. He said his hobby were listening musics and doing some sports, i like listening musics also, but maybe our music taste is different, he likes indonesian music, but i like western musics. He also said that he liked sports, especially football and badminton, he wanted to join Belitung Muda (football extracurricular in 3 senior high school) and Badminton Club (badminton extracurricular in 3 senior high school). 

Once i played football with him in Lapbal (Lapangan Bali), he is very skillful in playing football, he is very quick and agile when dribble the ball, and very powerful and accurate when shoot the ball. In class, i don't know yet that he is clever or not, but i guess he is clever, because his final examination score was good, he is a sleepy person in the class, especially when we learn history or indonesian. Once i ask him why he is sleepy, he said usually he slept at 2 am !! Oh i forgot one thing, he likes watching football too, he support Manchester United, he is a die hard fan, same as me.

He told me that he want to be a businessman in a property company one day, i guess he want to continue his study to SBM ITB. He said that he likes liwet and juice, i don't know the reason why helikes liwet, for me the taste of liwet feels weird in my mouth, maybe its only a matter of taste. His favorite color is blue, because he said that blue is the symbol of calm and peace, really?

In my opinion he has 3 unique things, the first is his hair, his hair looked like Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle but a little bit curly just like a broccoli, hahaha sorry just kidding. Second, he has a thick mustache, he looked like older than us. Third, he had a unique voice, his voice is similar to a gentlemen with a broken vocal cords hahaha.

Selasa, 04 Agustus 2015

Its Me ....

Hello friends, first of all i would like to introduce myself, my name is Muhammad Fikri Zharfan, you can call me Fikri, i was born in 5 June 2000, its mean im 15 years old now. I lived in Jl. Solontongan 2 No. 7, my hobbies are playing basketball, playing games, and watching sports. In the future, i want to be a doctor because i want to make money and help each other at the same time, so i hope i can reach that dream by continuing my study to FK UNPAD or FK UI, i know its hard but with struggles and prayers, nothing is impossible. I also have an interest in working for oil and mining company, its mean i also have an interest to go to FTTM ITB.

I would like to introduce my friend, his name is Muhammad Naufal Permana, usually i call him Naufal. He was born in 6 February 2000, its mean he is 15 years old, same as me. He lived in Jl. Gunung Batu No. 20, His hobbies is listening musics and doing some sports. He said he want to be a businessman in property company one dat. He has a unique thing, he has a thick moustache. He is a die hard Manchester United Football Club fan, same as me. His favorite color is blue because its a symbol of calm and peace. His favorite food is liwet, and his favorite drink is juice.

Senin, 09 Februari 2015

Profil : Sir Matt Busby

Sir Matt Busby adalah salah satu manajer sepakbola terbesar di daratan Inggris, lahir di Orbiston, Lanakhshire Scotlandia 26 Mei 1909. Sir Matt Busby adalah representasi Manchaster United dan Manchaster City. Mat Busby bergabung dengan Manchaster City 11 Februari 1928 dengan debut pertamanya saat melawan Middlesbrough. Mat Busby kemudian pindah ke Liverpool dengan nilai kontrak 8.000 Pound pada bulan Maret 1936. Prestasi sebagai pelatih hanya bisa disamai Sir Alex Ferguson

Busby menjadi bos pertama United setelah perang pada 19 Februari 1945. Manager Setan Merah Sebelumnya di pegang Scott Duncan yang mengundurkan diri tahun 1937. Untuk mengisi kekosongan, United diarsiteki sekretaris klub Walter Crickmer. Busby kemudian berkarir di United hingga tahun 1971 menjadi tokoh yang menyulap united menjadi tim menakutkan di daratan Inggris dengan skuad inti Johnny Carey, John Aston, Allenby Chilton, Charlie Mitten, Jack Rowley dan Stan Pearson. Di tahun 1948 United juara Piala FA setelah mengalahkan Blackpool 4-2. Sebelumnya menjadi runner-up empat kali tahun 1947-1949 dan 1951.

Busby membangun United dengan pondasi pemain-pemain muda yang dirintisnya di awal 1950-an. Hasil didikan Busby seperti Jeff Whitefoot, Jackie Blanchflower dan Roger Byrne kemudian mengisi starting line up. Pada tahun 1957/1958 United masuk ke semifinal piala champion namun kalah dari Real Madrid.

Musim berikutnya, 1957-1958, united mengalami bencana. Pada tanggal 6 Februari 1958, pesawat yang membawa tim dari pertandingan Piala Eropa melawan Red Star Belgrade jatuh setelah pengisian bahan bakar di Munich. Dua puluh tiga orang tewas, termasuk delapan pemain Busby's - Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor dan Billy Whelan. Tiga klub pejabat juga tewas - sekretaris Walter Crickmer, pelatih Tom Curry dan Pelatih Bert Whalley. Ini adalah musibah terbesar dalam sejarah Manchaster United. Busby mengalami luka hebat, namun ia dapat diselamatkan dan kembali ke Manchester 71 hari setelah kecelakaan. 

Setelah mengambil kembali melatih united pada bulan Agustus 1958, Busby mendatangkan Albert Quixall, Noel Cantwell, Denis Law dan Pat Crerand ke MU. Skuad ini mencapai final Piala FA pada tahun 1963 dan mengalahkan Leicester City 3-1 dan menjadi trofi pertama yang diraih setelah tragedi Munich. Gelar Liga kemudian mereka raih tahun 1965 dan 1967, Namun dalam 1967-1968, united melaju ke final piala champion di Wembley menghadapi tim Portugis Benfica.

Lewat pertandingan dramatis, United menang 4-1 setelah perpanjangan waktu dan merebut trophy piala champion untuk pertama kali. Prestasi ini didedikasikan kepada seluruh pemain dan staf yang menjadi korban tragedi munich tewas. Mereka hampir mempertahankan Piala Champions tahun 1968/69, sebelum ditaklukkan AC Milan di semifinal.

Busby pensiun sebagai pelatih pada akhir musim 1968/1969, kemudian menduduki jabatan general manager. Wilf McGuinness kemudian menggantikan posisinya sebagai pelatih. Namun tanggal 28 Desember 1970, Busby panggil lagi oleh jajaran menajemen untuk kembali ke menjadi pelatih sampai akhir musim. Busby menjadi tokoh yang dihormati sepanjang karirnya dan masuk dalam daftar legenda MU. Ia dianugerahi penghargaan CBE pada 1958 dan dipilih sebagai Manager of the Year setelah kemenangan United Piala Eropa.

Tahun 1980 Ia terpilih menjadi Presiden Manchester United, kemudian tahun 1982 terpilih menjadi Wakil Presiden Liga Sepakbola. Pada tahun 1993 Warwick Road Utara, jalan yang berjalan lewat depan Old Trafford, berganti nama menjadi Sir Matt Busby Way untuk menghormati jasa beliau. Busby hingga kini digambarkan sebagai 'Mr Manchester United'.

Sir Matt Busby meninggal pada 20 Januari 1994 di Rumah Sakit Alexandra, Cheadle, setelah sakit singkat. Pemakaman di ikuti ribuan fans yang berbaris di jalan-jalan kota Manchester. Simpati untuk Sir Matt juga datang dari seluruh dunia. Untuk mengenang jasanya, sebuah patung perunggu Sir Matt ini diresmikan pada tanggal 27 April 1996 di stadion Old Trafford.

Profil : Sir Alex Ferguson

Bagi para penggemar Manchester United, pasti sudah mengetahui siapa nama pelatih tersukses di Manchester United ,siapa lagi kalau bukan Sir Alex Ferguson. Pelatih yang tetap setia kepada MU, dan telah banyak memberikan gelar bagi tim yang berjuluk The Red Devils tersebut. Pelatih asal Skotlandia ini, bisa dibilang kunci sukses Wayne Rooney dan kawan-kawan, bisa mencapai kesuksesan hingga saat ini. Ferguson merupakan salah satu pelati hebat, kepandaiannya dalam meracik dan mengatur strategi tidak usah diragukan lagi. Ferguson juga sukses menjadikan pemain yang biasa menjadi luar biasa, lewat binaan yang ia lakukan, seperti contohnya pemain yang menjadi terkenal sejak berkostum MU yaitu Cristian Ronaldo. Pelatih yang memiliki nama lengkap Sir Alexander Chapman "Alex" Ferguson ini, lahir di 31 Desember 1941 di Govan, Glasgow. Bagi anda Manchunian, ingin mengetahui Profil Pelatih, Riwayat Hidup, Perjalanan Karier, Kehidupan Pribadi, dan Biografi lengkap dari pelatih Manchester asal Skotlandia ini. Berikut Profil dan Biografi lengkap dari Sir Alex Ferguson.

Profil Dan Biodata Lengkap Sir Alex Ferguson
Nama lengkap : Alexander Chapman Ferguson
Tanggal kelahiran : 31 Desember 1941 (umur 69)
Tempat kelahiran : Glasgow, Skotlandia
Posisi bermain : Striker (telah pensiun)

Informasi klub

Karier senior

Tahun Tim Tampil (Gol)
1957–1960 Queen's Park 32 (11)
1960–1964 St. Johnstone 37 (19)
1964–1967 Dunfermline Athletic 88 (66)
1967–1969 Rangers 41 (25)
1969–1973 Falkirk 106(37)
1973–1974 Ayr United 24 (9)


1974 East Stirlingshire
1974–1978 St. Mirren
1978–1986 Aberdeen
1985–1986 Skotlandia
1986–2013 Manchester United

Profil Alex Ferguson
Sir Alexander Chapman "Alex" Ferguson CBE (lahir 31 Desember 1941 di Govan, Glasgow) adalah seorang pelatih dan mantan pemain sepak bola berkebangsaan Skotlandia, yang saat ini sedang menangani Manchester United F.C., di mana dia telah bertugas lebih dari 1000 pertandingan. Dianggap sebagai salah satu pelatih terbaik dalam permainan, dia telah memenangkan lebih banyak trofi daripada pelatih manapun sepanjang sejarah sepak bola Inggris. Dia telah menangani Manchester United sejak tanggal 6 November 1986 sampai sekarang, menggantikan Ron Atkinson. Di Manchester United, Sir Alex menjadi pelatih tersukses dalam sejarah sepak bola Inggris, dengan memimpin tim memenangkan 10 gelar juara liga. Pada 1999, dia menjadi pelatih pertama yang membawa tim Inggris meraih treble dari Liga Utama, Piala FA and Liga Champions UEFA. Juga menjadi satu-satunya pelatih yang memenangkan Piala FA sebanyak 5 kali, Fergie juga menjadi satu-satunya pelatih yang berhasil memenangkan gelar Liga Inggris sebanyak 3 kali berturut-turut bersama tim yang sama (1998-1999, 1999-2000 and 2000-2001). Pada 2008, dia bergabung bersama Brian Clough (Nottingham Forest) dan Bob Paisley (Liverpool) sebagai pelatih Britania yang pernah memenangkan kejuaraan Eropa sebanyak lebih dari satu kali.

Demikian sekilas mengenai Profil, Riwayat Hidup, Perjalanan Karir, Kehidupan Pribadi, dan Biografi lengkap dari Sir Alex Ferguson, yang merupakan Pelatih Manchester United asal Skotlandia.

Sejarah : Tragedi Munich 1958

Tanggal 6 Februari 1958 merupakan tanggal kelam bagi seluruh Fans Manchester United diseluruh dunia. Karena tepat dihari itu beberapa pemain terbaik musim 1957/1958 yang diberi julukan "The Busby Babes" tewas dalam kecelakaan pesawat di Bandara Munich-Riem, Munchen, Jerman.

Bermula saat Tim Busby Babes kembali ke Inggris setelah melakukan Pertandingan Vs Red Star Belgrade (Slovakia) di Piala Champions. Pemain terbang ke Inggris Menggunakan Pesawat Airspeed Ambassador milik penerbangan Britihs Europan Airways (BEA).

Untuk sampai ke Inggris Pesawat harus mengisi Bahan Bakar agar sampai ketujuan. Maka dipilihlah Bandara Munich-Riem dikota Munchen. Setelah Selesai mengisi Bahan Bakar Pilot 'James Thain' dan Ko-Pilot 'Kenneth Rayment' mencoba Lepas Landas 2 kali namun gagal, karena bermasalah dimesin. Karena Jadwal padat Sang Kapten menolak untuk menginap di Munchen dan memilih Lepas Landas untuk 3 kalinya.
Untuk Lepas Landas ke 3 salju mulai turun dan menyembakan lintasan berlumpur. Ketika menyentuh lumpur pesawat hilang kendali dan menabrak Pagar dan berhenti setelah menabrak Rumah warga. Percikan api langsung menyambar Tanki Minyak yang baru terisi dan menyebabkan menyala api yang luar biasa besar.

Setelah itu kapten Thain langsung menyuruh semua penumpang menghindar dari pesawat yang mau meledak, Namun tidak dengan Kiper Harry Gregg, dia langsung mendekati pesawat dan menolong rekannya yang masih terjebak didalam pesawat.Orang pertama yang ditolong Gregg adalah 'Bert Whalley' Salah satu staff Manutd namun sayangnya Bert sudah tewas. Harry kembali menunjukan sikap kepahlawanannya setelah berhasil menolong Bobby Charlton dan Denis Viollet.
Pilot 'James Thain' Kembali berteriak kepada Harry untuk menjauh dari pesawat yang mau meledak tersebut. "Lari Tolol !!! Pesawat ini akan segera meledak" ucap Pilot sambil menolong Ko-Pilot Rayment yang masih tejepit., Namun tetap dihiraukan oleh Gregg!!

The Hero Of Munich "Harry Gregg"
Karena keberaniannya Harry Gregg dijuluki "Hero Of Munich"

"Aku mencoba menemukan temanku Blanchy, ternyata dia masih hidup namun keadaanya sangat parah, Lengannya nyaris putus. Disebelahnya (Blanchy) kutemukan Roger Byrne (Kapten) yang sudah tidak bernyawa.

"Aku berteriak minta tolong kemudian Charlton dan Viollet berdiri, kutemukan Sir Matt Busby terbaring diluar pesawat dengan kaki terjepit" Ucap Harry Gregg

Kejadian Itu merengut 21 Jiwa dari 44 penumpang dalam pesawat tersebut.

Kru Pesawat

Kennenth Rayment [ Co-Pilot] (3 Minggu Kemudian Meninggal karena Geger Otak)
Tom Cable [Pramugara]
Pemain Manchester United

Geoff Bent
Roger Byrne
Eddie Colman
Mark Jones
David Pegg
Tommy Taylor 
Liam Whelan 
Duncan Edawards (15 Hari Kemudian Meninngal)
Staff Manchester United

Walter Crickmer [Sekretaris Klub]
Tom Curry [Trainer]
Bert Whalley [Staff Kepelatihan]
Penumpang Lain

Bela Miklos [Agen Perjalanan]
Willy Satinoff [Fans/Kerabat Sir Matt Busby]